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Townshend Seismic Corners

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€ 1.449,00

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Seismic Sink Corners provide vibration isolation for almost any equipment rack, stand, platforms or speaker. Each Corner is a small platform suspended from two Seismic Load Cells™ on which the equipment legs or spikes are placed.


Spring Min weight Max weight Colour Code
AAA 0.5kg (1lb) 1kg (2lb) Brown
AA 1kg (2lb) 2kg (4lb) Red
A 2kg (4lb) 4kg (9lb) Orange
B 4kg (9lb) 8kg (17lB) Yellow
C 8kg (17lb) 16kg (35lb) Green
D 16kg (35lb) 32kg (70lb) Blue
E 32kg (70lb) 64kg (140lb) Silver


  • Eliminates structure-borne feedback between speaker and vibration sensitive equipment.

  • Enhances clarity throughout the whole frequency range.

  • Improves bass definition.

  • Produces a wider and deeper sound stage.

  • Neighbour friendly high level listening.

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